Our History

A spark ignited a passion for home brewing. It was a sample of a home brew produced by a family member in a commercial “beer kit," using extracts to a mini-brewery using all grain, water filtration and automation. This hobby was a way to try new things, methods and beer styles to share with our friends and family. 


After 10 years of brewing (and counting!), no one knew this hobby would turn into what it is today. It was so well received that people would line up to fill their growlers and jump at any opportunity to come to what was affectionately referred to as “The Red Dragon Brewery’.

We celebrate four great years at Red Dragon Brewery on August 15, 2020! 

Behind the Dragon

The red dragon appears on the national flag of Wales, which has symbolized this Celtic nation for more than a millennium. Our brewery is inspired by the owners’ ancestral roots in Ireland, Scotland, England, and in particular, Wales.

It is with pride in this heritage that the Red Dragon Brewery is committed to producing the very finest of craft beers.

Members of the

Brewers Association and the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild 

1419 Princess Anne Street

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Monday - Thursday

4pm - 9pm


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